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Definition of Yal

As far as the regeeaton genre is concerned, the word “yal”, is a term used to refer to a girl or a girl who likes to perreo.

But it also refers to a small bird of approximately 18 cm in length, with a yellow beak.


1 Woman, girl, chamaca
2 Bird


The Yal is a bird native to the countries of Argentina, Peru and Chile of gray or black plumage, the male, and the female, brown, which lives and nests on the slopes and ravines that have abundant shrubs and bushes.

But in the urban genus it is very different. The origin of the term ‘Yal’, which means ‘woman’ in Jamaican Creole, comes from the term “woman or women”.

This word is a deformation of the word “girl” of Jamaican origin, and is in turn a Caribbean way to refer to a girl or a young lady. The real difference is that in Puerto Rico the spelling was changed from “gial” to “yal”.


A song by Farruko and De la Ghetto titled “No es una gial”, is about emphasizing that the girl he likes, is not a “gial” because she dresses fine, which the interpreter believes is possible that it lends itself to misinterpretations of that term. One part of the lyrics says: “She’s not a gial, she dresses fashionable / She wears fashionable clothes, how cool she looks…”

There is also “Bichiyal” within the Dictionary of Americanisms of the RAE, and it is indicated that in Puerto Rico the word “bicha”, is a “bad woman, or perverse” but the term is also possible that it is used as a self-definition, in which case it is not necessarily an insult.
In Panama it is also used, but referring to a woman who is foul-mouthed, or uneducated, ridiculous, etc.