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Definition of Lampara

It is said of an element that provides light in an artificial way and there are many types of this, for example, ceiling lampara, security lampara, public light lampara.


Person who considers himself superior to others and seeks to be the center of attention. Normally, he feels very loved by everyone, however this is a product of his mythomania. Rather, it produces a degree of rejection from others. For example: Don’t be so Lampara Mario, act normal.


  1. Focus
  2. Light bulb
  3. Lamparón


  1. Believed
  2. Overrun
  3. Self-adulator


Lampara comes from the Latin lampada which means “torch” and this originates from the Greek lampein which is “to shine”. From there, the term was adopted in other languages ​​such as Spanish to make known all those instruments that produce artificial light.

A lampara can be powered by electric current, petroleum derivatives, sunlight, among others.


Starting from the original meaning of the word lampara, in this country it is adopted as a synonym for someone who wants to be the “center of attention”. The reference is born in that in a street or a dark place a lit lampara becomes a fixed point to look at. This term is offensive and informally used.


“The girl with the blue lampara” is a famous poem by the writer José María Eguren. One of the peculiarities of this text is that it was known by heart by the also writer José Luis Borges.

“Aladdin” is one of the stories that can be found in the book “The thousand nights and one Night“. It is characterized by the discovery of a magic lampara in which there was a supernatural being who granted wishes.