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Toma de Posesión

Definition of Toma de Posesión

Phrase that is used to designate the act in which someone formally receives a position awarded by appointment, popular vote or other. For example: On Tuesday, June 1, the president of the board will do toma de posesión. ( the president of the meeting will take office).


Synonymous with change of command or transition of power from one political leader to another, for example, toma de posesión presidencial (presidential inauguration). It is represented through the delivery of a presidential sash.


It refers to receiving the domain of any piece of furniture or property, in this case, it designates the moment in which it is acquired or in which said good is received.


  1. Receive a charge
  2. Start to rule
  3. Start a job
  4. Take command


Toma de posesión is a phrase that is based on the Latin word possesio, which is the act of possessing something. For this reason, the taking of possession designates the act of having the right to something to administer it.

The act of taking office in politics or the governance of the people has been part of history since time immemorial. In monarchies or governance by family this same figure is also held as in administrations given by democracy.


La toma de posesión presidencial (The presidential inauguration) in the countries of the American continent is carried out in an act within the facilities of the Legislative Power, be it the National Congress, National Assembly or Parliament, depending on the name it receives in each country.

La toma de posesión (The inauguration) in the United States is on January 20, traditionally since 1937 it takes place at noon on that date.