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Definition of Bajocero

Bajocero is a phrase or expression that refers to the negative degrees of the Celsius scale, where zero means the freezing point of water.

People use bajocero to express intense cold: How cold, this climate is bajocero!

Commonly, it is written separately: “bajo cero.” However, in this case, it is written together to refer specifically to the Netlix movie “Bajocero.” It is presumed to be written like that to differentiate it from the expression itself and highlight it.

Bajocero (film)

Bajocero is a 106-minute Spanish thriller directed by Lluís Quílez, a successful short filmmaker who premieres his very first long film.

The thriller Bajocero tells the story of Martín, the driver of an armored van that transports prisoners on a winter night, below zero. Suddenly, in the middle of an unpopulated road, the van is attacked by someone looking for one of the prisoners.

The Bajocero story centers on how Martín survives this assault. He manages to entrench himself inside the armored van together with the prisoners and tries to survive alongside them while the stranger does not stop chasing.

The premiere of Bajocero (or Below Zero in English) is in January 28, 2021 on Netflix. It was going to be released in theaters in October 2020, however, the arrival of the pandemic made its premiere through streaming. An intense thriller is expected, with lots of action, suspense and mystery.

Among the actors are Javier Gutiérrez, Karra Elejalde, Luis Callejo, Patrick Criado, Andrés Gertrudix, among others.