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Definition of Kili

Kili is a homologous compositional element of the term Kilo which means a thousand times. This term is usually used as a unit of measurement, identifying the corresponding multiple. This acts as a prefix of Greek origin << chilioi >>, kilo in Spanish.

Example: Kiliárea is a compound word formed by the prefix kili- which is thousand and area referring to surface, that is why the meaning is equivalent to thousand areas in relation to surface or 10 hectares.  


Kili is a small island of 0.93 km2 in the Pacific Ocean. This belongs to the Marshall Islands in the Ralik chain and Kili is one of the smallest islands.

This island was uninhabited until 1948 when the United States government moved the inhabitants of the Bikini Atoll.

Mount Kili or Kilimanjaro is a mountain formed by 3 inactive volcanoes: the Shira, the Mawenzi and the Kibo. This mountain is located on the African continent in northwest Tanzania.

In another aspect, Kíli is a fictional character in The Hobbit, whose character is a dwarf who belongs to the House of Durin, son of Dís and a dwarf.