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Definition of PlisDonGou

“PlisDonGou” is the same as saying please don’t go , which translates into Spanish as ” please, don’t go .” This expression is part of the group of words that have been adopted from the English language to be Spanish and implemented in Spanish, an action closely linked to the well-known Anglicism .

The implementation of foreign terms in the Spanish language has had a great rebound in recent years, due to globalization driven by new technologies.

The different commercial fields use foreign terminologies to try to penetrate a little beyond their own language.

English words used in Spanish

  • Shampoo: it is a word that is triggered in England in the 18th century thanks to Hindi. The Indians came with their hair soap called chāmpo , a word that originates from the verb champna which means “to massage the muscles”. But finally, the English changed the word to shampoo to adapt it to their spelling.
  • Cocktail: It follows from the word Cocktail ( cocktail ) , which in turn has a curious history. It is said that this term comes from a horse with a tied tail, which was likened to the tail of a rooster.
  • Pamphlet : it is a word from English pamphlet.
  • Drainage: it is produced by the English word Drainage .
  • Steak : One of the most common words, its origin lies in the word Beef steak (beef steak).

PlisDonGou by Varry Brava

“PlisDonGou” is titled the third single from the album “ Hortera” belonging to the Spanish indiepop group Varry Brava . The interesting musical theme is accompanied by a video that has collaborations recorded from home by the group’s fans.

The song is a humorous and dynamic medley that tells the story of an unrequited summer love. Other themes found in the record work are: “Loco”, “My best moment” and “Luces de Neón”.