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Definition of Autoexigencia

Autoexigencia is a human quality that occurs in certain specific people and can trigger various consequences for those who suffer from it. If you want to know more about this quality, we will tell you shortly what is the meaning of autoexigencia . Shall we start?

As a quality, autoexigencia is the ability of a person to be demanding and demanding of himself.

This word is made up of the prefix Auto which means by itself and the demanding word (who demands a lot) respectively.

In principle, autoexigencia is the direct product of self-criticism combined with a person’s perfectionism.

Someone who is self-demanding tends to go to great lengths when performing a given task, all in order to meet their own standards.

These standards generally tend to be very high which can lead to varied repercussions on the subject.

Among the positive qualities of autoexigencia are: High quality results, great dedication capacity, high competitiveness index.

On the other hand, among its negative qualities are La: Frustration, Postponement, dissatisfaction with own results and others.

As a curious fact, self-demanding people tend to have a high probability of success in the branches where they usually work.