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Definition of Torp

In 2020 the world has been affected by a pandemic that has led people to quarantine from their homes as a means of prevention. But to satisfy the needs of the population, a product called Torp has been created exclusively for the sub.

Torp is a small beer keg that allows you to keep your beer cold, fresh and under pressure for 15 days.

This keg has the capacity of 2-liters of beer and this keg only works with The sub beer tap .

This product is designed to be recyclable. It can be chilled in the fridge, it has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to use, change and dispose of.

This product seeks to satisfy the needs of those people who consume beer, given that the recreation and sales centers for these drinks are closed.

In turn, it is an excellent measure for the population to comply with social isolation from home.

You already know what Torp means in Spain