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Definition of GTL

“Gtl” is an acronym that represents innumerable institutions , brands, processes , among others. However, its greatest connotative force is attributed to the English words ” Gym-Tanning-Laundry “ , which translates to ” Gym, tanning and laundry .”

This is a very popular life routine promoted by the renowned television series “ Jersey Shore” .

GTL and Jersey Shore

The North American series “ Jersey Shore” is based on a group of 8 Italian-American men and women who spend their vacations in a summer house in the United States.

In the middle of the day to day, the famous GTL arises , a considered also religious and daily ritual .

The members of Jersey Shore comply with their exercise routine, tanned skin, and impeccable clothing.

In this sense, people who stay in a GTL state , state that their lifestyle is fresh and healthy .

Different fan Pages and social network groups associated with this lifestyle have even been created .

As a result of the GTL lifestyle , a fashion has emerged that stands out in clothing and accessories , which show the English acronym in different designs.

Series wrapped in controversy

This series, despite its enormous repercussion, has been involved in controversy over unhealthy and xenophobic comments.

The members of Jersey Shore , on many occasions have been classified as guidos or guido , which, in North American slang, is used to disparagingly point to an Italian-American urban working class.

GTL acronyms

  • Gutless Little Twerp = Ruthless (a) – little (a) -boobo (a)
  • Genomes to Life (US Department of Energy Office of Science) = Department of Energy and Office of Science in the United States.
  • Gas to Liquids = Liquid gas.
  • Grand Tourisme Legere = Related to Motor Racing.
  • Grand Tourisme Luxe = Related to motor racing.
  • Gunning Transceiver Logic = transceiver logic Gunning .

GTL by 6ix9ine

As Gtl is the title of another of the musical themes played by the North American objection Tekashi69 , belonging to “ Tattle Tales ” , his second studio album.

The lyrics of “ Gtl ” are geared towards black people . It basically starts with a phone call from the prison where the singer was.

In the phone call, the rapper states that the so-called ” niggas ” (black) want to take his life, and for that reason he cannot trust them.

The topic ends with the phrase ? Thank you for using Gtl ?, this being the telephone service of the American prison.