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Definition of Tenaz

The word tenaz refers to something very difficult or very nice. In Colombia, for example, this term refers to an adjective that acquires its meaning according to the sentence in which it is used.

Difficult to bear, very complex, very bad, although it can also be used to qualify a person as being very good, nice or bacano. Some exemplifications can be: “El viaje estuvo tenaz” (when they arrived from the trip they were robbed), “este chico es tenaz” (this boy is tenacious) (he showed openness when speaking in public).


  1. Bad
  2. Complicated
  3. Complex
  4. Difficult
  5. Good
  6. Nice
  7. Cool
  8. Nice
  9. Resistant
  10. Strong


The origin of the word tenacious makes us see that its use in everyday life has nothing to do with its beginnings. The word tenacious comes from the Latin tenax which means to have or tighten.

If we could put it in a sentence in its original it could be like this: “tenax heredera arborem implicat” (the ivy wraps around the tree and squeezes it).

However, the word tenacity has its origin in the word tenacious which means “he who is strong”, “he who resists”, hence it can be understood that the use, from now on, acquires the sense of an adjective for people or animals instead of being a word denoting strength or squeezing.


Did you know that the word tenacious is the name given by a company to a fungicide.

A fungicide is a chemical that acts to control the growth of fungi, in this case, it is a high-spectrum fungicide that inhibits the creation of ergosterol, the main membrane of the fungus, thus achieving its protective effect.