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Definition of Tukiti

Very peculiar expression of the Venezuelan culture that means take! Or take it! It is commonly used to express satisfaction for a successful action.

It is related to a blow, especially in the games of infants. In this context, children at school tend to slap each other on the head and pronounce the word Tukiti! 


The origin of this word is still uncertain, however, it may be related to the onomatopoeia of the sound produced when the marbles, or glass balls, impact each other. From that perspective, the first meaning would be related to a blow or shock.

In Venezuela it is a word widely used to show satisfaction for something that was done correctly especially within a competition. Also, tukiti is the word that many people express after hitting someone in the middle of game contexts.


“Tukiti, I grew up from one” was a Venezuelan series broadcast in 2006 by RCTV (Radio Caracas Television) based on school love affairs.

Kisarys Mateo Orozco is known by the pseudonym “La tukiti”, a Dominican girl who, in 2021 at just 10 years old, premiered her first urban genre single titled “La pongo”.