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Definition of Barriendo

The word “Barriendo” is nothing less than the conjugation in gerund of the verb sweep, however this is not all that means Barriendo. Next, we will show you the meaning of Barriendo, its origins and other additional data. Do we start

The origin of Barriendo comes from the Spanish verb Barrer, which means “Move dirt with a broom or similar object.”

In this way we intuit that the meaning of barriendo is “Execute the action of sweeping in the present tense”

For example: “I can’t go out now, because I’m sweeping .”

Another way to define the term sweep is “Action to drag something in particular.”

Example: “Napoleon is reading the ground with his enemies.”

Curiosities and Meaning of Barriendo in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the term Barriendo shares a great similarity with its more literal meaning, but it is in the world of culture that it acquires another background.

On this island, people from the artistic medium who have been lacking against national symbols with community work are often fined.

This community service must be fulfilled by a national monument for a defined amount of time.

Such is the case of Singer El Alfa the boss who was fined several hours of community work by the well-known Plaza de la Bandera .

In early 2020, Singer El Cherry Scom premiered his song “Barriendo”, which mocks the punishment of sweeping monuments.