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Definition of Pilbel

The expression pilbel is a phrase that has become popular thanks to “El Chuky de Lewa” an exponent of the Dominican urban genre. Next, in we will tell you what pilbel means . Do we start

Pilbel is a colloquial word and is used as an adjective to describe someone very brave. In the words of Le Chuky, “The meaning of pilbel is to have courage, not to stop and look for it from the front.”

Synthesizing what was said by Lewa’s Chuky, we could say that the definition of pilbel refers to a person who is very bold and determined.

In the street context, a pilbel person is the one who does not run away from the quarrels, faces his enemies and fulfills his threats regardless of the consequences.


  • My choir and I are Pilbel –  My group of partners and I are very bold and determined.

In the world of Dominican urban music the term pilbel has appeared in several songs, most of them from the already quoted singer Chuky de Lewa, including:

  • “Somos Pilbel” – musical theme by Chuky de Lewa in collaboration with Rochy-RD.
  • “The Chukiteo de los pilbel” – Song of Pakitin the real and Chuky de Lewa.
  • “ La Pampara ” – Rochy-RD theme together with Chuwa de Lewa.

This phrase is part of a large list of colloquial expressions popularized in 2019, such as: Wawawa , Pampara , Chukiteo , Chuky , get off with braids and others.