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Definition of Guaremate

dominican republic

It is used to designate those people who are used to run errands. That is, he is a messenger whether he works on it professionally or not.

Some people often use this word to refer to people without loyalty who are able to sell a friend for their own benefit.

In business language, the guaremate is known as a lobbyist or a person dedicated to obtaining works and contracts for multinational companies. 


Translated from the Italian language this word means “to cure“, in other words, to treat a disease in a professional or artisanal way. Also, it refers to the fact of having treated her effectively.


  1. Delivery courier
  2. Messenger
  3. Skater
  4. Emissary


Guaremate word is used from long ago in the guard. The guaremate is the assistant to a commander or superior chief, table chief or anyone above his / her position, who is in charge of running errands regarding food and in many places is also in charge of cleaning the dining room.

The guaremates of the companies receive large amounts of money to carry out their work, because in order to get the job done they must go very deep, and if necessary, reach the bribe.


There are several urban genre songs that use the word “guaremate” in their title. One of them is the song of the year 2020 called “Guaremate de por vida” by the artist “El Alfa, El Jefe”.