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Definition of Huevona

The word huevona is used in different places for similar reasons. It is classified as a derogatory expression, a colloquialism and also as an insult. It all depends on the reasons why it is expressed and the environment where it is said.

In the first case, “being a huevona” is being a person who does things lazily or slowly. That is to say, it is a derogatory way of mentioning someone’s lack of agility or even their uselessness. From this perspective, the word is not exclusively used in feminine form, but its masculine version “huevon” is also used.

On the other hand, huevona is used as a colloquialism to designate someone who has lack of ability to understand something. In this case, it can be understood as a synonym for clumsy. This adjective can also be adapted and used for both genders.

Huevona as an insult

In some countries like Colombia and Venezuela the term huevona is considered as an insult. Although at times the expression can become ambiguous, the most frequent use in these countries is to offend a woman or a man (with the masculine version of the word).

From the above, the reference to the word huevona is directly related to the male reproductive system. Thus, it would be part of many other insults that have sexual connotations or themes related to sexuality issues.

By extension, a “positive” reference could be found to the term huevona. Specifically, in some exceptional cases, it is used to refer to a woman who “has balls”, that is, who acts with courage, who does things similar to what a man does or who does not need a man to advance in life.