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Definition of Afueguillo

This is a term normally related to the world of reggaeton , urban performers and “street music”. Reggaeton, with all its versions and nuances, has strong Puerto Rican roots in which it finds some of its most characteristic expressions.

Afueguillo is usually used as a qualifying adjective that accompanies an action or situation. It resembles users who are given words like cool, cool, or cool.

Afueguillo denotes a very interesting and pleasant situation, something that is above average and above expectations.

What does afueguillo mean in reggaeton?

Reggaeton players of the fame of Wisin or Ozuna, have embedded in their letters space for this word that denotes supremacy. In the beginning and for a long time, the reggaeton retained roots intimately linked to the rap and lyrics that were inspired by the dangerous neighborhoods.

Rap thrives on all the social problems suffered by the less privileged classes. In the midst of this hostile and violent environment, rap is filled with these nuances.

At first, rap bands or rappers were dedicated to composing songs of violence where they left aggressive hints to other rappers or public personalities such as politicians.

Reggaeton was born in the middle of this and denotes superiority with the word fueguillo . It is often used as an expression in a song that shows the superiority of this singer over another.

Reggaeton artists strive because their songs are liked more by the population, especially when the urban music market is getting bigger and more and more singers are entering this genre. Why is that one song to fueguillo is so important , it is important to arouse curiosity and interest in the listener.

The fueguillo is also used to refer to a person, that is, as an adjective that reveals the kind, pleasant and gentle character of someone. “This person is out of town” is some of the uses that can be found for this word.

In Puerto Rico its use is widely spread, especially in towns such as Maricao Guánica, Adjuntas, Lajas, Jayuya, Comerío, among others.

These localities present serious problems of poverty and access to better life opportunities is very limited. In this type of environment, problems associated with violence and organized crime often arise.