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Definition of Churro

The word churro is used in Colombia to refer to an attractive, beautiful, pretty and handsome person. It is a person of beautiful appearance, good looking, attractive to the opposite sex.

However, for Argentina there are many meanings. It refers to food, it is also a kind of bill, joint, marijuana cigarette and also a pretty person.


  1. Beautiful
  2. Handsome
  3. Attractive
  4. Cute
  5. Invoice
  6. Joint
  7. Marijuana cigarette


As for the origin of this word, it goes back to the two basic meanings given to it in some countries.

The first one refers to the dough in the shape of a tube, fried in oil and covered with sugar. It should be noted that churro, churrasco, churrar and chasco have an onomatopoeic origin. In this case it comes from the sound of the dough frying.

On the other hand, the word churro also refers to the sheep that has thick and long wool. The term has its origin in the word surro that later derived in what we already know as churro.

It should be noted that each culture and country made the relevant comparisons of what they knew as churro to use the word in other connotations and that is how little by little this word acquired the meanings we have already expressed.


It should be noted that in Venezuela, the word churro refers to a fried sweet sold as fast food in several establishments, which is elongated and is prepared with a mixture based on wheat flour.

It is usually eaten with sugar, dulce de leche or chocolate. Also in this country it means a young man of little age.