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Queen of Pentacles Tarot

Definition of Queen of Pentacles Tarot

Queen of Pentacles tarot is an English expression for a card used in cards of the same Latin suit. In tarot, card readers identify it as part of the “Minor Arcana”.

In Spanish it means Queen of Pentacles and alludes to generosity, gifts, abundance, integration in nature, confidence, inner and outer peace, successful woman, who efficiently manages the administration of the home, strong and benevolent, disciplined and honest figure with creative capacity that manifests itself in all areas of life.

SYNONYMS FOR Queen of Pentacles tarot

  1. Queen of Coins
  2. Queen of Pentacles
  3. Queen of Gold

ORIGINS OF Queen of Pentacles Tarot

The origin of tarot, and within it, the Queen of Pentacles seems to be one of the oldest traditions in the Western world. It is attributed a close link with the Egyptian civilization, which can be placed in the order of 5000 years BC.

This trend asserts its transit from Egypt to Europe at the hands of the gypsies, but other versions assign it a more recent date: Indo-European origin and only spread in the Middle Ages, also receiving a strong influence of the Jewish cabala.

CURIOSITIES OF Queen of Pentacles Tarot

Tarot queens, including the Queen of Pentacles tarot, are ladies who are linked to intuitions or to the feminine side of someone, for example, their sensitive side, their inner world or their receptivity. Therefore, their element tends to be “water”.

The golds, in the tarot, are related to the earth element, with the aspects “fruits, products, the physical and the manifest” manifestations of concrete life: patrimony, goods, money, waste, fruits of labor, loss or greed.

The Gypsies were apparently the first to use the cards to know the past, present and future, and they were also responsible for spreading throughout Europe other divinatory systems such as palm reading, crystal ball and tarot cards or “mancias”.