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Definition of Bribery

Bribery is a word from the English language, its origin comes from the word “Bribe” which translated into Spanish means soborno o Cohecho, although this is not all what Bribery means .

In the English language, the suffix “ry” is used to define places or occupations, so, the meaning of Bribery in Spanish is, “Anti-ethical action of committing an act of Bribery”.

This expression is widely used in English-speaking courts, being one of the words that make up the legal language in the English language.

The concept of Bribery goes beyond a simple bribe, in the English-speaking legal field this word is generally used to name the bribe made to high-power authorities.

This type of Bribery is the very root of corruption, so it is widely fought in all countries of the world.

We must not confuse the term Bribery as a synonym for Extortion, since bribery is the action where you pay to obtain a benefit or power, while extortion is about the use of threats to obtain some benefit or material.

Next, we will cite some examples translated into Spanish of how the term Bribery is used in the English language.

  • The senator was prosecuted for being in a Bribery scandal. –  The senator was prosecuted for being involved in a Bribery scandal.
  • The judge didn’t take the bribe  – The judge did not accept the bribe.