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Op Davay

Definition of Op Davay

Op Davay – DJ ‘Davay is the second single from 2017 by Russian dance band Davay, after La Bamba.

The group of Dj’s released this single in homage to hard bass , a genre that has fallen into decline in recent years, and Op Davay means a vindication of Hard Bass in its lyrics. From the rhythm, it harmonizes with the beats of his native disco style; together with the deep and thick voice, dark tones and characteristic elements of the Russian Hard.

Op Davay’s official video was posted on YouTube on November 27, 2018, and has nearly 15,000 views.

It has been available on Apple Music since its release date, October 1, 2017.

The version that became more popular was called Op Davay Ultra HardBass .

On YouTube it reached twice the views of the original song, and it was the video of a group of Russian men dancing randomly on different stages during the almost 3 minutes of the song.   

Op Davay de Davay : vindicate the Hard Bass moment

With the end of HardBass, the last formation in February 2019, it seems that the genre said goodbye to the scene for good.

The style had its greatest exponents there, meeting on stage and competing. With an excellent look at the artistic concept of the genre. Since even before the event ended, very few have been new productions at Hard Bass.

Op Davay: meaning of the song

The letter Davay Op is composed of three main stanzas and a chorus, in them exposes three actions imperious tone: stop, give up , kneel and acknowledge. Actions that are heard at the end of the different beats that the musicalization explores. It features a voice that is possessed by Hard Bass, calling for a louder, louder beat.

In essence, Davay’s single is one of the last credible samples of the Hard Bass. With a quite creative presence from dance.