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Definition of 7642

The expression is used in the popular social network TikTok and means “I will always be for you” as a manifestation of love and feelings.

In numerology, spirituality and dreams 7642, is interpreted by analyzing each number: 7 is a sign of wisdom and intellect, 6 affective responsibility, 4 awakens responsibility and 2 refers to duality, family and couple.


  1. I am available
  2. I am here to help you
  3. Count on me forever


The first person who used the expression 7642 in his publications in TikTok has not been identified, what is certain is that it was viral and started to be used by thousands of people who want to express their love to others.

Numerology has its origin in the year 470 BC. One of its most notable students was the philosopher Pythagoras, a Greek dedicated to the metaphysics of numbers and who concluded that they can be concentrated in only one digit between 1 and 9. In this way each number was interpreted and how they could guide the mission in the life of each person, among them 7642.


The 7642 used in the social network TikToK coincides with the number of letters in each word: Always 7 words, I will be 6 words, For 4 words and You only 2 words.

According to classical numerology, to know what each number means, the whole number must be reduced to a single one, so with the number 7642, add the numbers 7+6+4+2 = 1+9 = 1+0, until you get 1 and to find the meaning of this number.