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Definition of Unplanned

We open our library to know the origin, the meanings and an unexpected history that exists behind the word Unplanned. Would you like to meet her? Come on!

Unplanned is an Anglo-Saxon term that translates to ” something unplanned ” and ” unexpected .” It is also used as the title of the unique book that motivated the production of an American film (with the same name) based on the theme of abortion.

Origin and definition

Unplanned is a combined word that begins with the prefix ” Un “, which is an old prefix of English negation. Additionally, it closes with the past participle “ Planned ”. According to Cambride’s dictionary , the word Unplanned is defined as: “not planned or expected”.

For its part, the adjective ” unexpected ” in Spanish, according to the Royal Spanish Academy , means ” something that happens without waiting .”

Curiously, the word “ unexpected ” is composed in lexical terms by a very particular union. The negation prefix ” In ” + the verb ” Sperare ” (in the Italian meaning means to have hope) + the suffix ” ado “. Amazing!

Controversy in the artistic world

In 2010, the speaker and writer Abby Johnson published the book ” Unplanned “, a work that narrates her experience as director of Planned Parenthood (family planning organization that practices abortion) and her resignation after witnessing an ultrasound abortion. Today, after two abortions, Abby has become a pro-life (anti-abortion) activist.

Motivated by this literary work, premiered in March 2019 Unplanned the film . This tape tells the whole story that Abby Johnson captured on each of its pages.

This film production directed by Cary Solomon and starring Ashley Bratcher, Robia LaMorte and Todd Terry , had a remarkable success raising $ 19 million. All despite criticism and organizations opposed to this position against abortion.

Unplanned conclusion

That the Wan Shi Tong Library always has the meaning of a word and other things is not Unplanned . We continue on the path of signs and meanings, we look for more information for you. See you soon!