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Definition of Heavy

Translated from English it means “heavy” and refers to something that by nature is strong or intense. Also, to something that is of considerably high weight.

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Adjective applied to someone who is very pleasant. Another way to make this expression in the Central American country is as jevy.

Feeling of joy and pleasure prompted by the rumba and fun.


Person who belongs to the heavy metal culture. That is, he uses costumes and music characteristic of the followers of this musical genre.


  1. Heavy
  2. Intense

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  1. Brilliant
  2. Cool
  3. Jevy


  1. Lightweight
  2. Gentle

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  1. Unpleasant
  2. Conceited


Heavy is an English word that means “heavy”. Although it can be applied literally to something that is heavy, it generally applies to something that is intense or strong. One of the best examples of this is the popular music genre called Heavy Metal.

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In urban areas, the term was deformed to Spanishize it and, in addition, change its connotation. From this perspective, the use of heavy or “jevy” began to be used for something or someone that is strongly pleasant. The term is used in either of two ways.


Heavy Metal is a musical genre derived from rock that was born in the early 70s and has a large number of fans around the world.

The urban singer Pencil Conscious has a theme song called “Tamo Heavy”. This song was released in the year 2017.

Heavy is the name of many songs in English. One of the most prominent is the song by Linkin Park and singer Kiiara which was released in 2017.