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Definition of ROTC

The acronym ROTC corresponds to an organization of the United States Army, this organization is part of many others of the same nature. Next, we will show you what ROTC means in Spanish , what its origins are and other additional data.

The origin of ROTC comes from the year 1862 when this military body was founded, its main purpose was to instruct officers.

Thus, based on its acronym the meaning of Rotc is (Reserve officers training corps).

Based on this, the meaning of Rotc in Spanish would be a training program for reserve officers .

This training program is originally from the United States and raises the training of officers of the armed forces.

The officers are originally trained in military academies spread throughout the United States.

What makes this program special is that these officers are trained in civil universities while conducting a university career.

All military agencies have their gold program except for the Marines and the national coast guard.

In regards to the Marines, a naval naval officer may choose to join the Marines corps at the time of graduation if they wish.

On the other hand, the coast guard only allows officers graduated from their own special academy for officers.

Now you know what Rotc means in english.