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Definition of Blonde

Translated into Spanish it means “Rubia”, that is, it designates a woman who has light hair. In the case of men, the term used is blond.

In some areas of Latin America the term blonde refers to the dye used to dye hair. Because originally this painting only came in blonde color.


  1. Blonde
  2. monkey
  3. White


  1. Black
  2. Black hair
  3. Brunette


Blonde is an English word that translates as “blonde” into Spanish. From this meaning, it exclusively designates the women with blonde hair that exist in the world. In the case of males, the term used is blond.

The word Blonde is widely used as an adjective to name or point to the type of woman who has a yellowish skin or hair color. Also, in a derogatory way as a synonym for idiocy.


Blonde is a book written by Joyce Carol Oatesen in 1999 and published by HaperCollins publishing house. The literary work is a fictional adaptation, mixed with real events about the life of the American icon Marilyn Monroe.

The television movie “Rubia” (by its name in Spanish) released in 2001, is an adaptation of the book Blonde (1999).

The streaming platform Netflix premieres a remake of blonde in 2021. It is a film directed by Andrew Dominik and starring Ana de Armas, who will be in charge of giving life to the icon Marilyn Monroe