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Definition of Malignant

Malignant, a word that comes from English, term linked to malignancy. Stay at to know more about this magnificent word. Shall we start?

Malignant  means malignancy, which is defined as the quality of evil. The RAE also says that it is “Propensity of encouragement to think or do wrong . ” Malignancy comes from the Latin malignitas-atis. 

Example of use:

  • Politicians have a tendency to evil thoughts. – Politicians have a tendency to harmful thoughts.

Synonyms of Malignant

  • Perversity 
  • Evil 
  • Perversion 

Other uses:

  1. In the health area , malignancy is attributed as the most widely used qualifier at the time of neoplasm classification.
  2. Malignancy in oncology refers to the abrupt growth of malignant cells that lead to significant deterioration or death. 

Examples: Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Pancreatic cancer 

  1. This can be used to describe other diseases that progress rapidly, cause a marked deterioration to the affected and have no cure. 

Examples:  Malignant Hypertension, Malignant Hyperthermia 

  1. In philosophy it is used to highlight people who often have malicious thoughts and behaviors. 
  2. The psychology expressed in “personality theory by Erikson”the malignancy is manifested in absentia in the balance of the 8 components of personality. 
  3. This word may be quoted in the Bible in Romans 1:29