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Definition of Mamaguevo

Literally, a person who sucks the male virile organ, in other words, who performs a fel#a#tion.


Insult that has different connotations. Mainly, it is expressed with the intention of indicating the literal sense.

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Polysemic word that, in various cases, its literal meaning is not taken as the main reason for use. Here are some examples of the use of the Mamaguevo insult in the Dominican Republic:

This chick is deprived in mamaguevo – This woman has a very arrogant attitude.

You crossed the line – You crossed the line.

They fuck me as a mamaguevo – They saw my stupid face


The origin of mamaguevo comes from the use in Spain of the word “eggs” as a synonym for the male genitalia. This offense, widely used in the Caribbean region, comes from the union of the terms Mamar and guevoMamar is a synonym of the verb to suck, while Guevo refers to the male reproductive organ.

Therefore, in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, the meaning of mamaguevo is “Person who sucks the male virile organ.” In the case of Venezuela, more specifically in the city of Maracay, the term mamaguevo is used in its most literal meaning. On the other hand, in the Dominican Republic, this word has more than one possible meaning, and in several cases its literal meaning is not taken as the main reason for use.


In the Dominican Republic, the use of this insult has penetrated deeply into society, being practically used in all social classes in the country. Due to this great fame, the term has been standardized, thus generating a large number of possible uses.

One of the most important representatives of Maracay, Venezuela is the Venezuelan rapper Cancerbero, who in his song Jeremiah 17: 5 says: “For you I am a cancerbero, song and trunk e ‘mamaguevo”

In the Dominican Republic the term mamaguevo is used with the acronym MMG, which for its part is the most common in social networks.