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El Final

Definition of El Final

It refers to the last, that is, what is at el final. It can be used to designate time, routes or other. For example: This is el final of the road.

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It is a phrase used to name a person or object that has reached the extreme of something in particular. In other words, to advertise that you are at the highest level. For example: I am el final of reggaeton.

In some contexts, “el final” can also be the worst, the meanest, or the lowest. However, in this sense the use is very scarce.


“The end” comes from the literal meaning of this phrase and it is adapted in the urban context to designate the one who is at the highest or the lowest. From this perspective, the origin is the Latin term finalis which means “that ends or ends something.”

On the other hand, there are those who argue that the expression “el final” derives from the famous phrase “the last Coca-Cola in the desert.” In this sense, it would be shortened to “the last” and then it would be replaced by “el final”. Although this is not proven, it is not far from the origin expressed above.


“El final” is a song by the artist named “Juanfran”. This song was released in 2020 on a self-titled album.

The urban artists “Julito” and “Hozwal” have called “El final” to one of their musical themes that was released at the end of 2020.

“El final del paraíso” is a Colombian series that is distributed worldwide by Netflix and that takes place in the world of drug lords and women around the mafia.