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Definition of Klk

dominican republic

Abbreviation of the phrase “que es lo que tu dices”. The latter is an expression used to greet a person colloquially. 

Klk say? is used as a phrase to refer to arguments that are meaningless.


  1. Hello
  2. How are you
  3. Hey
  4. What’s happening


The word KLK was born in MSN Messenger, where for convenience, its users began to use abbreviations of words, as well as images to replace them. After MSN, it continued to spread thanks to Windows Live Messenger.

Many believe that the word klk was born as a consequence of the influence of the urban genre on young Dominicans, since in its beginnings, the word klk was frowned upon.

Klk is used colloquially to say “hello” or “how are you”, and derives from the expression “what is there”, although because of the way they speak, Dominicans say “what what” or “Keloké”.


Klk is the Spanish version of the English phrase “What’s up”.

In the Dominican Republic and several Latin American countries, Ceky Viciny’s catchy song went viral – “klk con klk”, a lively song that currently has more than 16M views on YouTube.

On June 26, 2020, the album Kick by the Venezuelan electronic and experimental music singer Arca was released. In this record material the song “K l k” is included together with the Catalan singer “Rosalía”. The melody has a mix of urban genre and very dynamic and rhythmic electronic nuances.