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Definition of Chuqui

It corresponds to the transliteration into Spanish of the diminutive of the English word chuck, which means to throw. From this perspective, it would mean “thrown” roughly.

in English culture Chuck is the way you refer to someone named Charles. In other words, Chuqui or Chucky are equivalent to “carlitos” in Spanish.

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Word that is synonymous with being angry or having great anger. In this sense: Today I am chuqui, do not talk to me much.

In some contexts this word is used in informal conversations to refer to someone willing to do wrong or outlawed things; such as fighting, robbery, speed driving, and so on.


It is used to designate someone who is evil by nature or who is always inclined to do evil. For example: Don’t hang out with Pipe who is a complete chuqui.


The term chuqui was born as a transliteration into Spanish of the word chucky. Generally, it is interpreted as a fictional character starring in horror movies. However, it originates as a diminutive of Charles or Carlos for the Spanish language.

The meaning of chuqui has several interpretations, but its use can be summarized as “the predisposition to do evil or misbehave”, which has a strong connection with the original character of the horror films that bears the same name.


The original name of the films or the franchise of “Chuqui” in English is Child’s play or “child ‘s play”. For Latin American viewers the name “Chucky, the killer doll” was chosen.

Chuqui’s first film was released in 1988 and from then on various sequels and readjustments have been made.

The most successful sequels to Chuqui have been the first, second and fourth parts of this saga. In the year of 2019, the franchise was rebooted, this time directed by Lars Klevberg.