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Definition of Camu

dominican republic

Word that is used in a derogatory way to name women who are overweight or with a very slim body. For example: I want a model, but only camus follow me.

Sometimes it is used to designate something or someone that is characterized by its ugliness , that is damaged or has a bad condition.


An exotic fruit that is native to the Peruvian Amazon is known as camu-camu. One of its most important characteristics is that it is the fruit with the most vitamin C that exists.


Gales word that translates into Spanish as “paso”. That is, a place that acts as a bridge or intermediary to unite two populations or places. Also, each of the movements in the gait of human beings and other living beings.


dominican republic

  1. Fat woman
  2. Obese
  3. Ugly


  1. Cacari
  2. Araza of water


dominican republic

The origin of the term in the Dominican Republic comes from a river that is called the same way in this country. This river serves as the main rainwater deposit in the province of La Vega where the sewage from that place ends. Therefore, it is related to ugliness.


Camu-camu is a common fruit in the Peruvian Amazon, its scientific name is Myrciaria dubia and its common name is of onomatopoeic origin due to the sound that the fruit makes when falling into the river and being consumed by fish. Its appearance is similar to that of a grape, but its flavor is completely citrus.


The Camú River is the main body of water in the La Vega area and is heavily polluted by the residences and industries of the place.

CAMU is the acronym that identifies the “Urban Medical Attention Centers “which are places of public health in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, among others.

Camu-camu is the fruit with the highest vitamin C content that exists. Its concentration is so surprising that it is said to be 100 times greater than that of lemons.