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Definition of Pampara

Dominican Republic

Its meaning depends entirely on the issuer, since, like “pod” or “thing“, the word pámpara can substitute almost any noun.

When something or someone is on top, on, that is, “with the lamp lit “.


From “Pampara Panasa”, a strong tree with large and round fruits, also called “Pomelos” or “Toronjas” in other countries.


  1. Sheath
  2. Thing
  3. Affair
  4. Situation


Dominican Republic

According to internet records, this word appears to be used by the urban genre for more than 10 years. However, there are those who assure that the word pámpara comes from the “Los Mina” neighborhood in Santo Domingo ; being created to define the one who is the best, or “the one who sounds the most” in urban genre.

The word pámpara is one of many used throughout history, as a synonym for everyday expressions in the Dominican Republic.

Among the most used words are: Truchoklkwawawapopipalomoguarematediachepenco and many others.


This expression is used very frequently in certain contexts, without a specific meaning being attributed to it.

Some examples would be the following:

  • “He sold me a lamp.” It refers to a lie.
  • “Do not walk in a pámpara.” Walk without fear.
  • “The owner of the lamp.” The one who is dominating, is in control or the owner of the show.
  • “The lamp lit.” The thing is hot, it is cool, there is a lot of movement.


In 2019, Rochy RD uploads a music video to YouTube that makes the word pámpara a trend, said video is titled “The owner of the“ pámpara ”.

Pámpara does not appear under any circumstances in the pages of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.

“Pampara Panasa” also has its own music video, one that you can find at the following link.

The word Pámpara is a surname for some people in Spain.

There are those who assure that the Dominican meaning of pámpara is “The father of rap.” This version has some logic due to its phonological combination, “pámpa” is equal to papa and “ra” would mean “rap”, “papa del rap”.