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Definition of Chon

An acronym used to easily memorize “the chemical components of life”. That is, each letter represents one of these components which are, namely Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

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Synonymous with much , that is, it is used in contexts in which it is wanted to affirm that something is more than it should be. For example: That is a chon of food for me.

There is a colloquial phrase that says “I’m going to chon“. In this sense, what is meant is “I’m going to hell” or “I’m lost from here”. Also, it may be denoting that you are going to buy narcotics.


In the Vietnamese language the word chon is equivalent to the Spanish verb “to choose “. In other words, it is the action of preferring something or someone, while discriminating against others of the same species.


The creation of the acronym CHON is merely mnemonic in nature, that is, it serves to take into account the essential chemical elements of life. It is necessary to clarify that this acronym comes from English and that in some cases Phosphorus is added, remaining as follows: CHONP.

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The term “chon” in the sense of much was born as a way of making the word “chin” antonymy. The latter is understood as “something little”, for that reason, “chon” gives the completely opposite semantics.

For its part, the phrase “I’m going to where chon” comes from urban music in which its use was born and spread.


In the world of Dominican urban music, the phrase “vamo ‘para qué chon” has gained great popularity, a characteristic phrase of the rapper “RochyRD”.

“Chon” is an American musical band that hails from Oceanside. They play Progressive Rock and math songs. They have been working since 2008, first releasing songs on the internet and then with full albums.