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Definition of Aficiao

The term aficiao comes from the island of the Dominican Republic , in this country this word is often used in the colloquial field. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of aficiao and some other information about this curious word.

In the Dominican Republic, being an aficiao means having a strong feeling of physical attraction or falling in love with another person in particular.

Aficiao as a colloquial term, is born from the deformation of the word Asphyxiated which means drowning or loss of air.

This word grammatically works as a masculine adjective for informal and colloquial use in the Dominican variant of the Spanish language.

Some synonyms of Aficiao are: In love, Dazzled, dizzy, attracted and some others more within this context.

As a fact to keep in mind, this word is part of the general Dominican culture forming part of the jocular typical phrase “Aficiao como un perro”.

Here are some practical examples of the term Aficiao.

  • “I am aficiao of her” – I really like her.
  • “Pablo is aficiao of Maria” – Pablo is very much in love with María.

Origin of Aficiao

The origin of aficiao comes directly from the colloquial term Aficie , which is defined as a feeling of intense infatuation.

In this context, it is believed that the man who is under the influence of the blade, can act very irregularly and recklessly.