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Definition of Compinche

The word Compinche is a term used as a synonym for bad influences, but this is not all that Compinche means , then we will show you what the meaning of Compinche and its origins is. Do we start?

In its more traditional context the meaning of Compinche is “Person or Group of people who are of bad company”.


“Pedro anda en malos compinches”  Pedro walks with people of bad company.

“Ana es compinche de Julieta”  Ana joins Juliet a lot.

In the context of this country the meaning of Compinche is “Informal meeting of two or more people that occurs in the usual way”.


“Isabel y Margarita tienen un compinche fuerte”  – Isabel and Margarita often meet informally.

In the Dominican Republic the term Compinche has mutated to the point of creating the informal verb “Encompinchar”.

This modification occurs as a transformation induced by the Dominican dialect.

According to the Royal Academy of Language , this verb does not officially exist, but in the Dominican Republic it is widely used.

In this way the term “Encompinchar” is used to designate someone who participates in a Compinche .


“A ti te gusta encompincharte mucho”  – You like walking with people.

“Juan se encompinchó con Enrique y José” –  Juan started a friendship with Enrique and Jose.

In summary, the word Compinche in the Dominican Republic has some local synonyms such as “ Chorus ” and others.