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Definition of Acicalao

The term Acicalao is one of frequent use in the typical language of various Latin American countries, each in their respective contexts. Next, we will show you what is the meaning of acicalao and what are its etymological origins. Shall we start?

In various Spanish-speaking countries, a person who looks elegant and well-groomed before others is called acicalao.

Another possible interpretation of this term within the same context is the one that serves as a reference to wearing high-priced and well-branded clothing.

ORIGIN OF Acicalao

This word comes directly from the term Grooming which is literally defined as someone who is groomed with perfumes and cosmetic products.

The etymological origin of this term dates from the Hispanic Arabic Siqál, which literally meant an instrument for polishing.

As a curious fact, grooming is an act carried out by various animal species where each other is disinfected and dewormed.

This action occurs when a pack or group companion prepares to remove the insects and vermin found in the fur of the first animal.


Here are some usage examples for the word Acicalao.

  • “Pablo is very acicalado tonight” – Pablo is very well dressed tonight.
  • “Today I am acicalado” – Today I am very elegant.

As additional information, this word has a great use on the island of Puerto Rico where it is usually used in a customary way by its citizens.

Such is the case, that in the rapper Julio Voltio’s song called Julito Maraña this curious word appears.

He doesn’t always work to acicalao him to the end.

Julius Voltio