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Definition of Tiguere

dominican republic

Qualification given to a man for having cunning or great skill in something. For example: El hijo de Julita es un tiguere en el fútbol (Juana’s son is very good at soccer).

In the urban context, it frequently refers to criminals or people who do acts that go against social norms. An example would be: Be careful, there are only tigueres on that street.


  1. Skilled.
  2. Crafty.
  3. Tiger
  4. Offender


The origins of “tiguere” in the Dominican Republic is influenced by two cultures that have had direct contact with the population, the Haitian and the Cuban. From this perspective, the term comes from the Haitians to describe children who survived in the street in a cunning way and is combined with the definition of “tiger” in Cuba as someone skilled in baseball or music.

A tiguere, in the urban context, is someone who is skilled at committing misdeeds and fleeing the law. For this reason, it is a common term in urban music that often promotes vices and crime in the population.


“El Tiguere” is the stage name of two singers from the Dominican Republic. One of them performs bachata and appears in songs like “Jerusalema” with the group “Extra”. For his part, the other has released different urban singles such as “Suave” or “Recuerdo”.

Tiguere is a song from 2021 by the US resident Dominican artist “Dowba Montana“. This song was released as an independent single and is classified as rap.