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Definition of Aficiá

Aficiá is a curious term used in the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic . Below we will show you what is the meaning of aficiá and what are its etymological origins.

Aficiá is a word that in the Dominican Republic is used as a synonym for a woman or adolescent who is hopelessly in love.

It should be noted that in certain exceptions, this word works in a more literal context as a suffocation deformation.

One of the most prominent characteristics of an aficiá woman is her inability to hide her strong attraction to someone else.

Since this term is used regularly, it has appeared in various songs, plays and comedies that portray the daily life in the Dominican Republic.

Below are some examples of the use of the word Aficiá in the Dominican Republic.

  • “Juana is aficiá  to Peter” – Juana is madly in love with Peter.
  • ” Ana died aficiá ” – Ana died of suffocation.

Synonym of Aficiá

Origin of Aficiá

In the first instance, this word comes directly from the Dominican colloquial term known as Aficie .

This term derives in turn from the word Asphyxia which is defined as the total or partial lack of air by a specific factor.