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Definition of Vakeo

Vakeo is a word that is used in the Dominican Republic , especially within the colloquial language of that island. Next, in we will show you what is the meaning of Vakeo in the Dominican Republic , its context and what are its origins.

The vakeo origin is born from the hunting technique known as vaqueo, which is limited to waiting for the prey at a certain point to ambush it. In this way, in the Dominican Republic the meaning of this term was based on the ambush and observation of the vaque.

Thus, in the Dominican Republic the definition of vakeo refers to having a particular person or thing under surveillance and stalking.

When a person is vakeando, they are closely watched, usually waiting for them to make a mistake or fault.

You can also call the action of searching something carefully and determinedly vakeo.

Synonym for Vakeo: observation, surveillance, stalking, ambush


  • ” They have been vakeando you for a long time “: They have been watching you for a long time.
  • ” Without realizing it they had me vakiado “: Without noticing they had me well observed.
  • “Vakea that, daddy”: Look at that, man!


  1. The term vakeo has appeared in the song by the singer Chimbala “el vaqueo de tu vaqueo”.
  2. This word is very similar to the word, also used in the Dominican Republic.