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Definition of Bellaco

Person who is inherently bad and of low morale. Especially it is said when you commit crimes or despicable acts.

In some contexts it refers to someone who is characterized by his audacity and sagacity.

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Person who is with a strong predisposition to have intimate relationships. In some cases, it is associated with dancing and partying, however, that is not its exclusive use.


It is used in the context of chivalry and refers to someone who is difficult to rule.


It usually refers to a child who is characterized by stubbornness, a predisposition to do wrong, and an inability to be still.


  1. Bad
  2. Mean
  3. Immoral


  1. Skilled
  2. Crafty
  3. Bold

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  1. Arrecho
  2. Libidinous
  3. Lustful


  1. Insubordinate
  2. Reluctant
  3. Unsubmissive


  1. Disobedient
  2. Stubborn
  3. Restless


Bellaco in all its meanings is a term of uncertain origin that is used in different ways depending on the geographical context. Historically it has been used in literature and formal language to denote someone who is of low morality, however it was later associated with boldness and sagacity.

In the urban and colloquial context the uses of this term are different, however, there is no clear sense of why it is used in this way. Some of the associations may be with “boar”, that is, the pig that is used as a stallion.


In Peru the banana fruit that needs to be cooked to be consumed is called bellaco plantain.

Bellaco is a town located in Uruguay and belonging to the department of Río Negro, its name comes from a stream that bears the same name and is located in the area.

Battle of Estero Bellaco is the name given to one of the battles with the lowest losses in what was known as the war of the triple alliance that united the countries of Argetina, Brazil and Uruguay against Paraguay in the years 1864 to 1870.

Bellaco is a term widely used in urban music. For example, it is the title of a 2020 song by the artists “Franco el Gorila”, “Papi Wilo” and “Duran The Coach”.