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Definition of 25/8

Mathematical operation that results in 3.125. This is the operation called division.


8/25 is an expression that is intended to be more meaningful than 24/7. Seeks to exaggerate and give the connotation of “all the time” or “at all times“.


Signs 25/8 is originating from the numeronym 7.24. The latter refers to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is generally used in commercial activities that offer services at all times. Notably, 24/7 was first heard in a song by singer Dino Esposito in the 1980s.

The expression 25/8, comes projected by the exponents of the urban musical genre to do the customary: break the schemes and implement the new and extraordinary, it goes beyond “all the time“, that is, it means “at all times and without failures“.


8/25 is the title of a song by the Puerto Rican rapper and reggaeton Bad Bunny.

Also titled 25/8 is the song by American singer Mary Blinge released in 2011.

In the Bible, one of the significant verses is precisely Genesis 25: 8. It says: “And he breathed out his spirit, and Abraham died in a good old age, old and full of years, and was united with his people.”