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Definition of Bichiyal

Bichiyal is a word that arises from a strange fusion between expressions of the Puerto Rican slang. It has a negative and positive connotation , which means that its definition is carefully context-dependent.

Urban Gender

Luxurious and festive woman. Commonly given in urban Central American settings.

Expensive woman, prestigious and lover of reggaeton.

Puerto Rico

Perverse, promiscuous woman, of low social status and little cultured.


Snake or snake . Alternative colloquial name used by superstitious people.


The expression Bichiyal is of Puerto Rican origin and is made up of the union between the words bicha and yal .

The word bicha in the slang of urban music refers to a woman who likes everything expensive, a woman who lives on appearances. For its part, “yal” in the same word, is equal to a woman who loves reggaeton and perreo. What is finally translated as an  expensive and prestigious woman, a lover of reggaetón; a luxurious and festive woman.

The word Bichiyal does not remain only in a luxurious woman who likes perreo. There are other connotations that have generated a series of controversies for being used as class and racist attacks.

If we consult the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy  RAE, the word bicha means  a perverse and promiscuous woman. However, the term yal, in the jargon of Puerto Rico, has a classist and denigrating definition. It refers to a woman of low social class and little cultured. This translates Bichiyal as a promiscuous and low-status woman. It’s a pretty strong and offensive definition.


Bichiya  is song #6 from the YHLQMDLG album  by urban exponent Bad Bunny, who makes it in collaboration with singer-songwriter Yaviah. This album was released in February 2020 and the concept of  Bichiyal  is totally different from what we have been reviewing.

In the song song, it refers to  a woman who, despite criticism and discrimination, continues to be who she is . It is not affected by the signs.