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Definition of Cafelón

The word Cafelón is used to define a type of coffee or natural infusion . This is prepared from the roots of the “dandelion” plant.

Being this plant a species of the Asteraceae family to which numerous health benefits have been attributed.

So the term Cafelón is a neologism formed from the components that the drink contains.

Such is the case of the word coffee, which is used as a lexeme to which the morpheme “lon” is added to refer to the dandelion plant.

This type of drink is prepared by boiling the roots of the dandelion for a while. Later, the infusion is filtered and used in the preparation of coffee. So the purifying and detoxifying properties that naturopaths claim this plant possesses are taken advantage of. 

On the other hand, according to some sources the word Cafelon can also refer to a very large cup of coffee.


Taking into account the morpheme by which the term cafelón begins, it can be asserted that it originates from the word “Coffee”. Which has its genesis in the Arabic “Qahwa” which means stimulating.

Similarly, the word café was initially part of the Turkish language as “Kahveh “. Being used to name the fruit that gave the coffee plant, known in Spanish-speaking countries as “cafeto”.

In such a way that the word coffee can be defined in various ways according to the context. It is mainly used to refer to a dark and bitter drink , brown in color, which is prepared from the seed of the coffee tree.

However, this word is also used to highlight that something or someone is brown . It is also used within the commercial context to refer to an establishment that serves and sells coffee for commercial purposes.