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Definition of Pomposo

Although  Pomposo is a colloquial term, it has its origin from the Latin pomposus which means luxurious. This word is made up of the noun pompa synonym of courtship and the suffix – oso similar to abundance.

The word Pomposo is a term used to describe something as striking, bulky. For example:

  • What a Pomposo car the neighbor has.
  • I get Pomposo to go visit my boyfriend.

Pomposo is used to refer to a style that is characterized by being ostentatious or ornate.

When we say that a person has a Pomposo way of speaking, we mean that that person very much adorns what he says.


Pomposo is the title of a song by urban exponent El Alfa, this song was released in 2019.

The album where this song appears is also called Pomposo. The Alfa was made in collaboration by Jowell & Randy, Zion & Lennox.

The term Pomposo in the song is used by the artist to mean that he physically looks good, carrying luxurious objects.