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Definition of Joseo

dominican republic

Very popular word in the Dominican colloquial language that means “to achieve something in a skillful and determined way”. For example: “Pablo josea his own quiet” – Pablo gets his things in a discreet way.

Used in the criminal world to refer to illicit actions. For example: “Tonight I’m in Joseo” (tonight I’m looking to commit a crime to get money).

From the verb Josear. It means working hard and giving your all to achieve a goal. For example: “I had to work hard to get this job.”

mexico and colombia

Joseando – The act of searching through rubble or garbage.


  1. Obtain
  2. Strive
  3. Skilled
  4. Crafty


Everything seems to indicate that the origin of “joseo” comes mainly from the medieval Dutch ” hutselen “ which means ” shake “, a word widely used in street gambling at the time.

Later, it is said that his spelling was transformed into the English language and became ” hustler “, a word that had different meanings, including: to sell, cheat and steal.

Today it is widely used in the Anglo-Saxon language to refer to a swindler, scammer or as a synonym for “looking for life.”


In the world of Dominican urban music, the use of joseo is very frequent and widespread among the exponents of this genre.

As a sample of street experiences in search of money and progress, the word joseo is one of the favorites in urban letters.

A small example of the use of this term is in the song “pompous” by the singer El Alfa el Jefe.

“Pompous, dangerous,
I love it and with you I enjoy it, 
El Alfa the boss”.

  • Joseo y fe” is a musical theme of the urban genre interpreted by Ovi and Arcangel, the melody is inspired to be a show of motivation despite the difficulties.
  • The joseo is a song (mambo) belonging to the Dominican merengue player Ricardo Mota, known as Ricky Mota.