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Definition of Boketrapo

The term Boketrapo is widely used on the island of Puerto Rico , it is usually written as “mouth ‘and rag” and is related to people who cause discomfort verbally. Next, we will tell you what the meaning of Boketrapo is and some more data.

The origin of Boketrapo comes from joining the word mouth with the Mop object, that way that person’s mouth is related to the dirt of a mop.

Given this origin, the word Boketrapo is essentially the same as the term mouth of Suape , since both words share the same origin and meaning.

That said, the definition of Boketrapo is considered “Person who speaks a lot of nonsense, without thinking.”

It is also said that someone is a Boketrapo when he usually speaks a lot of lies that make him look ridiculous.

Examples :

” Juan Carlos is a tremendous boketrapo ” – Juan Carlos speaks a lot of nonsense.

” Tell the truth and don’t be a boketrap ” – Tell the truth and don’t be a liar.

Boketrapo in Music

In the world of Music, especially in Urban music of Puerto Rico, the term Boketrapo has appeared in countless letters.

For example, the exponent Urban Myke Towers released a single with the name “Boketrapo” referring to this phrase.

Another exponent who made the spindle of this phrase was the rapper Julio Voltio in his Song ” Julito Maraña ” in company with Tego Calderón .

” Boketrapo
daddy here to the world
is handsome
 “Julio Voltio