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Definition of Biberonia

Biberonia is a term of exclusive use of the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic , where it has clear street connotations. Next we will show you what is the meaning of baby bottle and what is its origin. Without further ado, shall we start?

The word Biberonia is a term of informal use that serves as a synonym for Beating, or a great harm against a person.

In this same context, biberonia can also refer to someone of the female gender who has been hit or got into big trouble.

Grammatically this word works as an intransitive verb of a completely informal and exclusive nature of Dominican Spanish.

As additional information, sometimes this word can be used together with the prefix A, which would build the word Abiberoniada.

ORIGIN OF Biberonia

The origin of the term biberonia comes from the colloquial word known as a bottle which is used as a synonym for problems.

It is said that a bottle is something that is problematic, in this context someone who is biberoneado(bottle-fed) is someone who is in a situation of problems


Here are some practical examples of use of the word biberonia.

  • “Peter was given a biberonia last night” – Peter was beaten last night.
  • ” Sandra is biberoniá” – Sandra is beaten.