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Definition of Acechar

The word Acechar is part of the popular language of the Dominican Republic and is closely linked to harassment and vigilance, below, we will show you in detail what is the meaning of Acechar in the Dominican Republic and some practical examples of this curious phrase.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language Acechar is “Observe, wait cautiously for some purpose.”

Within this literal context is that the meaning of Acechar in the Dominican Republic is situated, since in this country this phrase is synonymous of Stalking.

In the Dominican Republic it is said that a person “Acecha” someone else, when they are vigilant of their actions.

Another possible use of Acechar is when an ambush is planned in order to take a particular person by surprise.

On the other hand, it is common for this verb to be used as a warning or threat to tell a second to be careful.

Here are some examples of using the verb Acecchar in different situations.

  • “A Juan lo tengo Acechado”: I am aware of Juan’s actions.
  • “Unos asaltantes me tenian Acechado”: Some assailants had me guarded to ambush me.
  • “Te voy a acechar que vuelvas a molesatar”: You’ll see what happens to you if you bother again.

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