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Definition of Moyeto

It is a word used to refer to men of good physical build, especially if they have abundant muscle mass. For example: Today I went to the gym and it was full of moyetos.

By extension it can refer to an animal that is large or that is physically distinguished from others by its thickness.


  1. Corpulent
  2. Muscular
  3. Thick
  4. Well-built
  5. Strong


Moyeto is a term that was born in the urban context of Central American countries. Especially, in the Dominican Republic this word is used to designate those people of the masculine gender who are characterized by their corpulence.

The word moyeto can also be found as molleto without changing its meaning. This is because its use is not yet official and a proper spelling has not been designated. Words like these are made known in contexts other than those of their use, mainly, by urban music.


“Moyeto 30″ or ” Moyeto el trentero” is an urban artist who has released songs such as “Me keeps” from 2021 or “Pucutu” released in 2020.

He is known as “Moyeto ATR”, an artist of genres such as trap and reggaeton who is known for songs like “When I have a time”.