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Definition of Jevita

  1. In some Latin American countries the word jevita is used as a synonym for a young girl or simply as a diminutive of the term Jeva. That is, to affectionately name his girlfriend.

dominican republic

  1. In this country it is often used to refer to a young woman from high society. That is, a woman who has economic comforts.


  1. In the Maltese language the term jevita means in Spanish “avoid“. That is, refraining from something whether it is inappropriate, dangerous or for another reason.


  1. Bride
  2. Girl
  3. Partner

dominican republic

  1. Popi
  2. Accommodated
  3. Pudiente


  1. Avoid
  2. Dodge
  3. To prevent


Jevita is the diminutive of the word “jeva” which is generally used to designate a young woman or as a synonym for girlfriend. Therefore, it is a loving or tender way of expressing that same message. Its use is colloquial and informal.

dominican republic

In this Central American country the term was adapted to designate a woman from high society. From this perspective, it is a term that is synonymous with “popi”. The latter is more popular and for this reason, the use of jevita is less and less.


  1. “Jevita” is a song by the Venezuelan-American singer Simon Grossmann . This song is part of the album “Bahía Margarita” released on May 21, 2021.